:skull360: We have now successfully upgraded to v4.3.0-alpha.0+mementomods-2024-01-27 + Mastodon Bird UI 2.0.0rc5, 154 commits ahead the last version that was installed about 2 weeks ago.

I love running the newest version so I can test ahead in production to the upcoming versions. I do have my local instance with the production db, but it is far more fun this way and it feels good to have new things.

This "testing in live" is also so that I can help contributing to Mastodon and spot bugs before they end up in the final rc, beta or stable versions. There most probably will be some minor bugs, but the earlier we tackle them the better.

As usual, please tell me about any strange things you may encounter with this Mastodon version. We're running bleeding edge after all.

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