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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the mementomori.social moderators.

  1. Be kind. Be human to one another.
  2. No discrimination, including (but not limited to) racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia.
  3. No content illegal in the following countries: Finland, United Kingdom, Germany
  4. No harassment of other users on this or other servers.
  5. No explicit (NSFW) content without content warnings and/or sensitive media markers. Explicit content must not be used in user avatars or header images.
  6. No incitement of violence or promotion of violent ideologies.
  7. No disinformation regarding public health issues or political/military campaigns.
  8. No things above "We have questions" in the conspiracy chart. Look it up.
  9. No spam, excess flood. No crypto ads (talking about cryptos and invesments are obviously allowed). No hoaxes. Companies are OK and being active does not equal spam.
  10. No impersonation of other individuals, public figures or organisations, unless clearly marked as a parody.
  11. Accept using Mastodon Bird UI as your main theme. The theme is inspired by Twitter and is not the default Mastodon interface. It is exprerimental and in ongoing development.
  12. Accept modifications to the Mastodon core. The most notable features are: 10000 character limit, bigger link previews, opt-out extensive open text search. See all of them at help.mementomori.social.
  13. Accept the mortal nature of things, that anything can change in any moment and all rights to changes are reserved by the owner of this server (@rolle@mementomori.social). Accept that even though servers are the lifeline of the owner there could still be downtime (see status.mementomori.social).
  14. Accept that we are using the nightly version of Mastodon. We are using the bleeding edge version of Mastodon and it may sometimes contain bugs. Accept that the owner of the server is not responsible of these bugs, they can be reported to github.com/mastodon/mastodon/issues.